Central Library

he college has a central library, complete with adequate seating facilities and a large collection of books.All the learning resources available in the library are e catalogued to enable search with relative ease.Books, journals and magazines are purchased and updated based on the recommendations of the faculty.The Library Committee and the departments look after the maintenance activities, guided by the librarian.The library also has additional facilities of internet browsing, printing, scanning and photo copying.Students are encouraged to make best use of the library resources and facilities for diving deep into concepts.Working Hours 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM .

Also, we are pleased to provide you with access to our online library resources to support your academic journey. You can access the library’s online portal through the following link:

Library Online Portal: [http://ksheslibrary.in/]

To log in and access the library’s resources, you will need your unique login ID and password. For further assistance with your login credentials or any other library-related inquiries, please feel free to contact our librarian.

**Librarian’s Contact Information:**

  1. Librarian’s Name: Rukhtar Alam

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our library staff for any assistance you may need. Happy studying and enjoy your access to our extensive collection of resources!

1. Collection: Visual Materials
A) Books :- i) Text Book ii) Reference Books
B) Journals :- i)General
iii)Over head Project
iv) Slide Projector
C)E-documents :- i)Computer
ii) Xerox


2. Facilities Available :
A) Catalogue Facilities : (i) Card catalogue (ii) Computarised catalogue
B) Reading Room Facilities : i)General ii)Subject


3. Service Provided :
A)Leading Service
D) News paper – cliping service
B) Reference Service
C) Current Awareness Service (CAS)
F) Carreer Guidance Service


4. Access System
A) Close Access system followed for Trainees B) Open Access System for Faculty and Staff of the College